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Belgian Network

Our stations

ICOS Belgium performs measurements at different representative Belgian stations, selected for their high scientific relevance. One Atmosphere station, eight Ecosystem stations and three Ocean stations cover grassland, cropland, heathland, needle leaved and tropical forests, the North Sea and international waters.

Stations map

This map shows the locations of all ICOS stations. Click the station name to find out more about the station. Stations in black are active stations, stations in grey are closed. AS, ES and OS indicate if the station is part of the atmospheric (AS), ecosystem (ES) or ocean network (OS).

ES Brasschaat ES Lochristi ES Maasmechelen ES Lonzee Es Dorinne ES Vielsalm OS VLIZ Buoy OS Simon Stevin OS Belgica AS Ile de La Réunion ES CongoFlux ES Westmalle