ICOS Belgium    



ICOS promotes the understanding of climate change by informing the general public and policy makers. To this aim we focus on three different communication trajectories:

ICOS for policy makers

ICOS Belgium stations continuously collect large amounts of data. In order to make data interpretation accessible, comprehensible and available for decision makers in Belgium. ICOS policy briefs target policy relevant information by combining latest scientific insights and data.

The opportunities and challenges of marine carbon accounting - a case study for the North Sea shelf ecosystem and the potential value of the ICOS Oceans Network

This policy informing brief provides a scientific review of the topic of marine carbon accounting. It discusses the current approach of the relevant environmental-economic accounting frameworks and touches upon the associated challenges and opportunities linked to marine carbon accounting. It also elaborates on the role that the ICOS Oceans Network can play in this emerging and rapidly developing field.

ICOS for schools

KlimaatLINK makes climate science available for your class room

KlimaatLink provides science based information on processes that drive our climate, unravel causes and effects of climate change and dig deeper in techniques that could offer solutions for the climate crisis. In collaboration with teachers, KlimaatLINK established different lesson packages that can be used by secondary school teachers.

The packages are available in Dutch and can be downloaded free of charge on the KlimaatLINK website.

ICOS Belgium is a KlimaatLINK partner as we share the common mission to spread trustworthy and accessible communication on climate and climate change.

Climate education for STEM teachers

In collaboration with CNO (Centrum Nascholing Onderwijs) Antwerp, ICOS developed an educational package on climate data for STEM teachers.

Teachers are invited at the ICOS site in Brasschaat where we introduce the ICOS network and our research infrastructure. We provide information on where to find and how to use ICOS climate data in the classroom.

ICOS for everyone

Meet us at the science fair!

ICOS Belgium engages in many public activities and events including Dag van de Wetenschap, Kinderuniversiteit and Proefkot. Come and meet us at one of these events.

Discover our monitoring stations all over the country

ICOS Belgium currently operates ten stations in the country. As our research infrastructure is clearly visible above the surrounding vegetation and ICOS scientists are often at work in the field, we receive many questions on the research in progress.

When possible, we therefore aim to provide accessible information on the ICOS infrastructure in place at each of our sites.