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ICOS data allows high-end research

ICOS data can be used by scientists who seek to understand the Earth System and by various governmental bodies and international organizations that need science-based information on greenhouse gases in their decision making.

Also scientists from within the ICOS network, take a closer look at the collected ICOS data or conduct dedicated experiments at the ICOS sites. The publication list below gives you an overview of the most recent publications using data or research infrastructure from one or more ICOS sites operated by ICOS Belgium.

We've selected a few key publications from the Belgian ICOS stations below. A complete publication lists from all stations in the European ICOS network can be found here.

BE-SOOP Simon StevinS. Dauwe, H. Pirlet, T. Gkritzalis, P. LandschützerThe opportunities and challenges of marine carbon accounting - a case study for the North Sea shelf ecosystem and the potential value of the ICOS Oceans Network2023VLIZ policy briefDOI
BE-SOOP Simon StevinPierre Friedlingstein, Michael O'Sullivan, Matthew W. Jones, Robbie M. Andrew, Luke Gregor, Judith Hauck, Corinne Le Quéré, Ingrid T. Luijkx, Are Olsen, Glen P. Peters, Wouter Peters, Julia Pongratz, Clemens Schwingshackl, Stephen Sitch, Josep G. CanadellGlobal Carbon Budget 20222022Earth System Science DataDOI
BrasschaatAriza-Carricondo Cristina, Eric Struyf, Marilyn Roland, Bert Gielen, Caroline Vincke, Ivan A. JanssensTwo types of installation of 3D-printed zero tension lysimeter for soil leaching and water bucket model validation2022Soil ScienceDOI
BrasschaatFreke Van Damme, Hana Mertens, Thilo Heinecke, Lodewijk Lefevre, Tim De Meulder, Miguel Portillo-Estrada, Marilyn Roland, Bert Gielen, Ivan A. Janssens, Kris Verheyen, Matteo CampioliThe Impact of Thinning and Clear Cut on the Ecosystem Carbon Storage of Scots Pine Stands under Maritime Influence in Flanders, Belgium2022ForestsDOI
BrasschaatWeijie Zhang, Martin Jung, Mirco Migliavacca, Rafael Poyatos, Diego G. Miralles, Tarek S. El-Madany, Marta Galvagno, Arnaud Carrara, Nicola Arriga, Andreas Ibrom, Ivan Mammarella, Dario Papale, Jamie R. Cleverly, Michael Liddell, Georg Wohlfahrt, ChristiaThe effect of relative humidity on eddy covariance latent heat flux measurements and its implication for partitioning into transpiration and evaporation2022Agricultural and Forest MeteorologyDOI
BrasschaatJan-Peter George, Wei Yang, Hideki Kobayashi, Tobias Biermann, Arnaud Carrara, Edoardo Cremonese, Matthias Cuntz, Silvano Fares, Giacomo Gerosa, Thomas Grünwald, Niklas Hase, Michael Heliasz, Andreas Ibrom, Alexander Knohl, Bart Kruijt, Holger Lange, JeanMethod comparison of indirect assessments of understory leaf area index (LAIu): A case study across the extended network of ICOS forest ecosystem sites in Europe2021Ecological IndicatorsDOI
BrasschaatAlexander Graf, Anne Klosterhalfen, Nicola Arriga, Christian Bernhofer, Heye Bogena, Frédéric Bornet, Nicolas Brüggemann, Christian Brümmer, Nina Buchmann, Jinshu Chi, Christophe Chipeaux, Edoardo Cremonese, Matthias Cuntz, Jiří Dušek, Tarek S. El-Madany,Altered energy partitioning across terrestrial ecosystems in the European drought year 20182020Philosophiical transactions Royal Society BDOI
BrasschaatJoanna A. Horemans, Ivan A. Janssens, Bert Gielen, Marilyn Roland, Gaby Deckmyn, Arne Verstraeten, Johan Neirynck, Reinhart CeulemansWeather, pollution and biotic factors drive net forest - atmosphere exchange of CO2 at different temporal scales in a temperate-zone mixed forest2020Agricultural and Forest MeteorologyDOI
DorinneP. Dumortier, L. Gourlez de la Motte, A.L.H. Andriamandroso, M. Aubinet, Y. Beckers, J. Bindelle, N. De Cock, F. Lebeau, B. HeineschBeef cattle methane emission estimation using the eddy covariance technique in combination with geolocation2021Agricultural and Forest MeteorologyDOI
La RéunionSieglinde Callewaert, Jérôme Brioude, Bavo Langerock, Valentin Duflot, Dominique Fonteyn, Jean-François Müller, Jean-Marc Metzger, Christian Hermans, Nicolas Kumps, Michel Ramonet, Morgan Lopez, Emmanuel Mahieu, Martine De MazièreAnalysis of CO2, CH4, and CO surface and column concentrations observed at Réunion Island by assessing WRF-Chem simulations2022Atmospheric Chemistry and PhysicsDOI
La RéunionSophie Vandenbussche 1,*ORCID,Bavo Langerock 1ORCID,Corinne Vigouroux 1ORCID,Matthias Buschmann 2ORCID,Nicholas M. Deutscher 3ORCID,Dietrich G. Feist 4,5,6ORCID,Omaira García 7ORCID,James W. Hannigan 8,Frank Hase 9,Rigel Kivi 10ORCID,Nicolas Kumps Maria MNitrous Oxide Profiling from Infrared Radiances (NOPIR): Algorithm Description, Application to 10 Years of IASI Observations and Quality Assessment2022Remote sensingDOI
La RéunionThomas E. Taylor, Christopher W. O'Dell, David Crisp, Akhiko Kuze, Hannakaisa Lindqvist, Paul O. Wennberg, Abhishek Chatterjee, Michael Gunson, Annmarie Eldering, Brendan Fisher, Matthäus Kiel, Robert R. Nelson, Aronne Merrelli, Greg Osterman, Frédéric ChAn 11-year record of XCO2 estimates derived from GOSAT measurements using the NASA ACOS version 9 retrieval algorithm2022Earth System Science DataDOI
La RéunionMahesh Kumar Sha, Bavo Langerock, Jean-François L. Blavier, Thomas Blumenstock, Tobias Borsdorff, Matthias Buschmann, Angelika Dehn, Martine De Mazière, Nicholas M. Deutscher, Dietrich G. Feist, Omaira E. García, David W. T. Griffith, Michel Grutter, JameValidation of methane and carbon monoxide from Sentinel-5 Precursor using TCCON and NDACC-IRWG stations2021Atmospheric measurement techniquesDOI
La RéunionMatthias M. Frey, Frank Hase, Thomas Blumenstock, Darko Dubravica, Jochen Groß, Frank Göttsche, Martin Handjaba, Petrus Amadhila, Roland Mushi, Isamu Morino, Kei Shiomi, Mahesh Kumar Sha, Martine de Mazière, David F. PollardLong-term column-averaged greenhouse gas observations using a COCCON spectrometer at the high-surface-albedo site in Gobabeb, Namibia2021Atmospheric measurement techniquesDOI
LochristiMaral Maleki, Nicola Arriga, José Miguel Barrios, Sebastian Wieneke, Qiang Liu, Josep Peñuelas, Ivan A. Janssens and Manuela BalzaroloEstimation of Gross Primary Productivity (GPP) Phenology of a Short-Rotation Plantation Using Remotely Sensed Indices Derived from Sentinel-2 Images2020Remote sensingDOI
LochristiMiguel Portillo-Estrada, Cristina Ariza-Carricondo, Reinhart Ceulemans Outburst of senescence-related VOC emissions from a bioenergy poplar plantation2020Plant Physiology and BiochemistryDOI
LonzeeQuentin Beauclaire, Bernard Heinesch, Bernard LongdozNon-Stomatal Processes are Responsible for the Decrease in Gross Primary Production of a Potato Crop During Edaphic Drought2023SSRNDOI
LonzeeSébastien Dandrifosse, Alexis Carlier, Benjamin Dumont, Benoît MercatorisRegistration and Fusion of Close-Range Multimodal Wheat Images in Field Conditions2021Remote sensingDOI
LonzeeA. Bachy, M. Aubinet, C. Amelynck, N. Schoon, B. Bodson, P. Delaplace, A. De Ligne, A. Digrado, P. du Jardin, M.-L. Fauconnier, A. Mozaffar, J.-F. Müller, B. Heinesch Dynamics and mechanisms of volatile organic compound exchanges in a winter wheat field2020Atmospheric EnvironmentDOI
LonzeeSébastien Dandrifosse, Arnaud Bouvry, Vincent Leemans, Benjamin Dumont and Benoît MercatorisImaging Wheat Canopy Through Stereo Vision: Overcoming the Challenges of the Laboratory to Field Transition for Morphological Features Extraction2020Frontiers in Plant ScienceDOI
MaasmechelenMaral Maleki, Nicola Arriga, Marilyn Roland, Sebastian Wieneke, José Miguel Barrios, Roel Van Hoolst, Josep Peñuelas, Ivan A. Janssens, Manuela BalzaroloSoil water depletion induces discrepancies between in situ measured vegetation indices and photosynthesis in a temperate heathland2022Agricultural and Forest MeteorologyDOI
YangambiInês Vieira, Hans Verbeeck, Félicien Meunier, Marc Peaucelle, Thomas Sibret, Lodewijk Lefevre, Alexander W. Cheesman, Flossie Brown, Stephen Sitch, José Mbifo, Pascal Boeckx, Marijn BautersGlobal reanalysis products cannot reproduce seasonal and diurnal cycles of tropospheric ozone in the Congo Basin2023Atmospheric EnvironmentDOI
YangambiXueqin Yang, Xiuzhi Chen, Jiashun Ren, Wenping Yuan, Liyang Liu, Juxiu Liu, Dexiang Chen, Yihua Xiao, Qinghai Song, Yanjun Du, Shengbiao Wu, Lei Fan, Xiaoai Dai, Yunpeng Wang, and Yongxian SuA gridded dataset of a leaf-age-dependent leaf area index seasonality product over tropical and subtropical evergreen broadleaved forests2023Earth System Science DataDOI
YangambiFlossie Brown, Gerd A. Folberth, Stephen Sitch, Susanne Bauer, Marijn Bauters, Pascal Boeckx, Alexander W. Cheesman, Makoto Deushi, Inês Dos Santos Vieira, Corinne Galy-Lacaux, James Haywood, James Keeble, Lina M. Mercado, Fiona M. O'Connor, Naga Oshima, The ozone–climate penalty over South America and Africa by 21002022Atmospheric Chemistry and PhysicsDOI
YangambiThomas Sibret, Marijn Bauters, Emmanuel Bulonza, Lodewijk Lefevre, Paolo Omar Cerutti, Michel Lokonda, José Mbifo, Baudouin Michel, Hans Verbeeck and Pascal BoeckxCongoFlux–The First Eddy Covariance Flux Tower in the Congo Basin2022Frontiers in Soil ScienceDOI