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The ecososystem station has been installed in Dorinne in 2010 thanks to funds provided by the Walloon (Direction Générale Opérationnelle Agriculture, Ressources naturelles et Environnement). The ecosystem is an intensively managed pasture grazed by Belgian Blue heifers that belongs to the farmer Adrien Paquet. Since 2010, CO2 and CH4 flux and other micrometeorological measurements have been monitored on the site to provide trustful CO2 and CH4 data.

  • Class 2
  • One of the very few grassland stations in Europe
  • Intensive grassland grazed by Belgian Blue heifers
  • Flux and meteorological data since 2010
  • ADDITIONAL RESEARCH THEMES : Complete carbon budget, management impact on CO2 fluxes (stoking density, rotational grazing), soil and enteric CH4 exchanges, grassland restoration (impact on GHG balance), N2O emissions, soil respiration, VOC ex¬changes, ozone exchanges.
  • Expected official integration in ICOS in 2019
  • Coordinates: 50°18'42.84''N 4°58'4.8''E


PI: dr. Bernard Heinesch (Bernard.Heinesch@uliege.be)

Full dataset: Dorinne (icos-cp.eu)