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The Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy or BIRA-IASB hosts the ICOS Belgium Science conference 2023. BIRA-IASB is a Belgian research institute focussing on the physics and chemistry of the atmosphere of the Earth and other planets, and of outer space.

BIRA-IASB is also responsible for the operation of the only Belgian atmospheric station. The station is located on Ile de La Réunion and measures background concentrations of greenhouse gases in the Indian ocean.

The conference will take place in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, or RBINS. Although known by most people as the ‘Dinosaur’ museum, RBINS is also a research institute with scientific expertise in environmental protection, including the monitoring of CO2 concentrations and marine CO2 uptake.

Within the ICOS Belgium Network, RBINS is responsible for the operations of the Research Vessel Belgica.

Contact details

The ICOS Belgium Science Conference will be organised by the BIRA-IASB Institute. More details on the exact location will follow in due course.

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS)
Vautierstreet 29
1000 Brussels

Travelling by public transport

Find your way to the Museum by public transport. The Brussels-Luxembourg train station is located at a five minute walking distance of the museum. In addition, you can also find a bus, metro, or Villo! station at walking distance.

Popular public transport stations can be found on the RBINS website under the ‘Getting here’ tab.

Travelling by car

When traveling by car, please take into account the Low Emission Zone in Brussels. More information and a list of the nearby parking can be found on the RBINS website, under the ‘Getting here’ tab.